Количество иностранных туристов в Вьетнам увеличивается

Количество иностранных туристов в Вьетнам увеличиваетсяИностранные гости будут продолжать расти на этом конце года, и за частично из-за положительной визовой политики, said an official of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT).

Nguyen Van Tuan, head of the VNAT, said that after 13 consecutive months of a drop in the numbers, the total number of foreign tourists recovered from July this year.

The figure gained a year-on-year surge of 5.1% к 593,566 foreign tourists in July, of 7.5% к 664,985 in August, и 8.3% к 626,324 в сентябре.

Это означало, что промышленность была преодолеть трудности по поводу прошлого, но она не может достичь своей цели по увеличению числа иностранных посетителей до восьми миллионов в этом году, он сказал.

Восстановление в число над прошлым, в основном, из-за положительных эффектов визового освобождение в течение пяти западноевропейских стран на рынке.

После освобождения визы, гости из Великобритании увеличилось на 16%, из Италии 25%, и из Германии 15%. Испанские гости поднялись по 9%, and visitors from France rose by 8% when compared to the numbers before the visa exemption.

The growth of visitors from western European supported the growth of foreign visitors to Vietnam while visitors from China, the largest tourist market of Vietnam, dropped.

By this year-end, the domestic tourism industry expected the growth to continue because those months are part of the tourist season, Tuan said.

If the recovery continues by this year end, Vietnam will receive 7.8 million foreign visitors for this whole year, a figure similar to 2014.

To retain the growth by this year-end and beyond, the administration has suggested to the government that they give visa exemption to visitors from 19 key tourism markets of Vietnam, especially European countries.

The government should increase the number of days of visa exemption against the current 15 under the law on entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam to attract more foreign visitors because they often undertake long journeys, он сказал.

Meanwhile, the administration will create favourable conditions for foreign film crews visiting Vietnam to shoot for their films. For instance, a Warner Bros film crew visited to a cave in Vietnamese famous cave complex Phong Nha – Ke Bang, as they scouted locations for a film about Peter Pan.

Tuan said the creation of encouraging conditions for foreign film crews of large global film production houses to shoot in Vietnam will be the best and fastest way to bring the nation to foreign travellers.

In early 2016, the administration will ask the government to grant an extension on visa exemptions for visitors of five western European countries, Tuan said. That will ensure that tourist companies make plans on promotion and advertisement in the long-term.

The administration will co-operate with partners in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia to develop tourism products connecting Phu Quoc Island to tourist spots in Cambodia and Thailand, and tours from the north eastern region of Thailand to Laos and Vietnam.

Источник: AAC