How to apply Vietnam visa in Taiwan?

Vietnam and Taiwan is not far in term of distance. toutefois, if this is the first time travelling in Vietnam you will see a big gap. I was born in Kaoshung and am now working for Toyota in Vietnam and I will share with you some tips to travel in Vietnam.

Vietnam visa from Taiwan+ First, getting a visa to Vietnam. This is not difficult if you have a well plan of only 01 week. You can easily access to the internet and search for a reliable website which means the language they use on their website (mostly English) is professional, their layout is easy access, find a good price but not the lowest, because they might have all the services that they stated but the lowest always serve the corporates or big group not just one person, their service is not guaranteed to be the best. Actually the visa service fee to Vietnam is not very high. I have searched some and ended up with this

+ Second, avoiding the taxi scam and other scams on the streets. Sometimes we see it in Taiwan but we can see it everywhere in Vietnam. The only way to avoid is to show how well you understand them and their service by bargaining with at least half price of everything you get on the streets.

+ Third, travelling in Vietnam is so much fun once you get acquainted with local people and find out off the beaten path places. I was like out of breath when discovering a magical waterfall with sparkling clear diamond blue. Or you would be trembling during a winter night in Sapa when every house lights up and you are alone in the street tasting fresh corn popping burned on the fire.

Last but not least, if you think Vietnam is a war country, you will be surprised when entering here. The life pace is very quick and once you get into it, it is not easy to get out. Enjoy it!