Vietnam schlägt Visabefreiung für Touristen.

In einer Sitzung am 10. Juli 2014, der Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (Halme) schlägt für Touristen aus Europa Touristenvisum einseitig zu befreien, Taiwan, Hongkong, Australia and North America as well as to extend validity of visa exemption for visitors in the free-visa list before in order to attract more international visitors to Vietnam.

According to VNAT, the current procedure of Vietnam visa exemption for foreigner visitors is limited while the procedures for getting visas are complex and long waiting-time. The visa on arrival (pick up at the Vietnam international airports) is available; jedoch, it requires applying prior to departure, so it is not really the nature of the visa on arrival.

From these limitations, VNAT proposes to exempt visa for tourists coming from the developed and growing markets (European, North America, Hongkong, Taiwan and Australia) , and extend visa-free period from 15 days to 30 days for 7 countries’ citizens including Russia, Japan, Südkorea, Norwegen, Finnland, Denmark and Sweden.

The proposal was made at a meeting in Hanoi with travel advisory council consisting of leaders of some travels, transportation corporations; Hotels; tourism & trade, European Chamber of Commerce officials. These improvements along with some other promotional activities are expected to promote and improve the quality of services and considered as action to help the tourism industry to overcome difficulties, to maintain growth momentum next two years.